DMX Puts On A Free Show And Offers Praise For The Police ‘Heroes’ Who Saved His Life

Only DMX could honestly pull this one off.

Those with strong memories will recall that we almost lost DMX back in February of this year. He was found unconscious in at Yonkers hotel after suffering a reported overdose. Police and emergency responders saved his life by performing CPR and were able to bring Dark Man X back to consciousness.

X didn’t forget it. And on Friday, he found a way to repay them the best way he knew how: he put on a free show during at “Toughman Competition” charity event between the Yonkers police and fire departments, according to TMZ.

DMX used the moment to offer his praise and thanks for the cops who ended up rescuing him. “There’s a few officers here tonight that, on February 8th, saved my life,” he told the cheering crowd. “To go from at one point running from the police to having police save my life. True heroes. I’m not speaking from what somebody else told me or someone else opinion, this is my personal experience.”

If X has ever been anything, it’s honest. Flaws and all. He’s made his life open for public viewing and never shied away from sharing his experiences with the listening audience, a quality that’s endeared him to so many. Hearing him speak up in support of of those who helped him is touching, especially at one point where his voice almost begins to crack as he recalls February 8th.

DMX’s good deed appears to have helped. The event reportedly raised $80k, which is a small gesture in return for the men and women who helped make it possible by rescuing him.