Hillary Clinton Confirms The Accuracy Of That Funny Death Row Meme

Life Writer

Hillary Clinton went back on The Breakfast Club morning show to pick up the last remaining black vote still undecided if they’re actually going to bother voting this election. On top of talking politics, debating Donald Trump, black men disproportionately being sent to prison at higher rates compared to white men, Hilldawg also touched a little on that hilarious meme that compared her debate outfits to outfits worn by Death Row CEO Suge Knight and former Row artists Tupac and Snoop Dogg.

A Twitter user first noticed Clinton drawing inspiration from the controversial record label after the final debate last week and tweeted out the receipts. “We gon’ sit here and act like Hillary Clinton ain’t been representing Death Row Records at all 3 debates?” The tweet went super viral, getting over 100,000 retweets in less than a week.

Breakfast Club co-host Charlamagne Tha God brought the meme to Clinton’s attention to answer whether or not she’s been using Death Row as a source of fashion inspiration all this time. One word: Duh!

“I love that!,” Clinton laughed off. “I think Death Row and a lot of other fashion sources have influenced my look. Don’t you?”

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