JID Just Announced An International Catch Me If You Can Tour During The First Quarter Of 2019

It’s been an eventful day for J.I.D. First, he dropped an exhilarating video for his “Off Deez” collaboration with J. Cole that displays them running wild with double-time flows. Then, he announced plans to continue running with the Catch Me If You Can tour on the heels of his Dicaprio 2 album release. J.I.D’s latest album has made 2018 best music lists in just two weeks of existence, reflecting how well-regarded it is. Students all over the map will get to enjoy Dicaprio 2‘s live renditions first, as he announced a 34-city college tour. He’ll be displaying his talent all over the world, with dates ranging everywhere from Oregon to Australia and New Zealand to Alabama.

J.I.D Announced that the next announcement for the tour will be a second leg consisting of major markets such as his hometown Atlanta. This tour, named after one of actor Leonard Dicaprio’s many box office hits, is actually supposed to be his second tour of the past six months, but the untimely passing of Mac Miller, a friend and musical inspiration, obviously canceled the Swimming tour he was set to open up for.

It’s currently unknown who will be joining J.I.D on tour, but one thing is certain: after dropping one of the most powerful albums of 2018 in the fourth quarter, it’s only right that J.I.D spends the first quarter of 2019 performing for crowds all over the world.