Kendrick Lamar Says ‘Mumble Rappers’ Are ‘Evolving’ Rap, But Should Also Respect Older Artists

11.14.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

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At the peak of his powers as the arguable greatest rapper alive, Kendrick Lamar’s voice helps drive hip-hop culture. From five-year-old albums that continue to resonate to business ventures that have to make Jay-Z look twice at this point, Kendrick is covering all the bases of stardom while pushing the sonics of mainstream hip-hop forward. That said, he has a firm sense of respect for those that laid the way for him, which is refreshing at this juncture of hip-hop.

From Lil Yachty telling us how he really feels about Joe Budden, to Lonzo Ball questioning Nas’ relevance to Vince calling the ’90s overrated, there is a very obvious divide in hip-hop, in part spurred by divergent generational values and tastes. Kendrick, for one is not a fan of the perceived disrespect of veterans, as the Forbes 30 under 30 cover boy told the outlet in a ranging interview set to hit stands in December.

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