Lonzo Ball Was Right — Nobody Listens To Nas Anymore

Hip-Hop Editor
09.05.17 25 Comments

Getty Image / Uproxx

Kids say the darnedest things, word to Art Linkletter.

For example, just last week, NBA draftee/Internet soundbite goldmine (and, I think it should be noted, semi-aspiring rapper) Lonzo Ball said, “Migos and Future is real hip-hop. Nobody listens to Nas anymore,” and accordingly, rap fans of a certain train of thought on the internet went berserk. Nas’ manager called him “oatmeal face,” and Lil B threatened to drop his dreaded curse on the Lakers rookie’s first season.

(For the record, I understand exactly how it feels to have the old salts lose it over one of my opinions, so I relate to the young man.)

Here’s the thing, Lonzo may not be 100% accurate in his assessments, but he isn’t wrong. Certainly people do still listen to Nas, but do they listen in the same numbers? Leaving aside the fact that the video in question was clearly edited around a larger conversation that may have clarified his comments, Ball did make a couple of strong points. In fact, I’ll go ahead and say it: Lonzo Ball was right, and beating him up for his opinions on hip-hop is wrong.

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