Kevin Gates Explains His Weird Reaction To Being Touched During An Awkward Interview

Kevin Gates is making it clear that he doesn’t like to be touched, especially now that he’s a married man. The Baton Rouge savage known for kicking and elbowing his female fans gave one awkward interview at Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash in Atlanta over the weekend that began with Gates brushing his arm off after being lightly touched by radio personality DJ Traci Steele. In a follow-up clip, Kevin stated that despite how others feel about it, he’s not at all okay with all that touching business.

“First of all, I’m married,” explained the BWA boss to a friend who asked was up with his reaction. “Second of all, I’m holy. Don’t put your dirty ass hands on me,” Fair enough, but what’s more shocking is DJ Traci Steele wasn’t hit with the Stone Cold Stunner since it’s been documented many times before that Kevin will react violently to touching him.

The skin-to-sweater contact was just one part of the awkward interview. Kevin barely gave any answers about his upcoming projects, saying instead, “I don’t let the left hand know what the right hand is doing.” The response was also his answer for questions about whether or not his wife Dreka was at the show and questions about branching outside the music biz.