Killer Mike Slammed Vice President Pence For Targeting The Protesting NFL Players This Weekend

10.09.17 2 years ago 6 Comments

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Killer Mike has never been one to hold his tongue about political issues, and last night he gave Vice President Mike Pence a piece of his mind. After Pence walked out of yesterday’s Indianapolis Colts game because of perceived “disrespect” from NFL players demonstrating by kneeling for the National Anthem, he tweeted a strong admonition.

President Trump has been embroiled in a war of words with the NFL — including many owners who donated to his campaign — because of players like Colin Kaepernick and Michael Bennett protesting racial injustice, and now Pence has made his thoughts clear on the second round of demonstrations which popped up after Trump’s “sonofab*tch” condemnation of Kaepernick. NFL owners showed they weren’t having it, and so did Killer Mike in a lengthy IG post in which he had to remind the administration about the importance of the first amendment and stated that Pence, who used a three-year-old picture in his tweet about being at yesterdays game, “cheapened” the game with his presence anyway.

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I wonder how he feels about the constitution. 🤷🏾‍♂️The document that contains the principles this republic is founded on. The 1st being #FreeSpeech. Free speech is what protects this and any protest. The constitution that guards against Tyranny like the state abusing and denying citizens full rights. U know the stuff that prompted the kneel. The kneel is to bring awareness to the public that officers of the law are playing Judge, Jury and executioner therefore denying Americans Citizens their constitutional rights becuz they are a racial minority. I wonder if he knows he and the soldiers I respect and value swear to uphold that constitution and not simply be propaganda agents for the state. He loves religion to much to hold public office in my opinion and he shows that he cares nothing for our republic by not honoring the constitutional rights of its citizens. I'm glad he left that event because he cheapened it with his presence. God speed on our next election. I hope we send his religious nut ass back home to relish in his false understanding of what this country is and we never see him on a national stage again. 😊

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Mike also slammed the popular talking point that kneeling for the National Anthem is disrespect to vets, noting that the veterans he “values” uphold our rights to the first amendment and refuse to be “propaganda agents” for the Trump administration or any of its supporters.

Killer Mike, who once aspired for a Georgia congress seat, then called Americans to action with a hope that we “send his religious nut ass back home” during the 2020 election, because he feels Pence “loves religion (too) much to hold public office” — and the Trump administration consistently fails the constitution.

He capped the scathing post off with an emoji. Well done.

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