Kodak Black Settled Out Of Court With The Label Who Signed Him As A 16-Year-Old

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Kodak Black has faced a myriad of legal troubles in his short career, but luckily today he’s put one of them behind him. The rapper is currently back in jail after a violation of his probation and failure to complete anger management, stipulations stemming from his May 2016 charges of robbery, false imprisonment, possession of a firearm by a delinquent, and fleeing law enforcement. Black is also awaiting judgement on a sexual battery case in South Carolina.

However, the good news is his case with former label Dollaz and Dealz has been settled out of court. As Bossip reports, Black signed with Dollaz and Dealz when he was only 16 and didn’t fully understand the contract and signed without a lawyer present. Later, he signed with Atlantic Records in 2015. Black said his old label was supposed to make regular payments to his former label but failed to do so.

Additionally, the CEO of the label is currently in jail on unrelated charges and was unable to testify in the case or provide proof of the old contract, or for that matter, run the label in question. As if that wasn’t enough, the label also lacks a crucial talent agency license that’s mandatory under Florida state law. The case was thrown out with prejudice, which means Black can’t sue for the same thing again and the two parties settled out of court. This comes just in time, as Black’s official debut album Painting Pictures is out this Friday.

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