Soundcloud Stalwart Lil Peep Dropped His Debut Album ‘Come Over When You’re Sober’ Two Weeks Early

Surprise releases have become a bit played out over the past few years. The exhausting pace of records dropping out of nowhere left both fans and critics panting to keep up, as Thursdays at midnight became almost appointment listening. Though the amount of surprise drops has fallen precipitously over the past year or so, Soundcloud stalwart Lil Peep decided to bust out the move late last night, giving his fans his debut full-length album two weeks ahead of the expected release date.

Titled Come Over When You’re Sober, Peep’s new project runs a scant, seven songs and 23-minutes long. It’s less an album and more of an EP, but then again, in the days when digital reigns supreme, who’s to say what is or isn’t anything anymore.

While the 20-year old, Long Island native might be a mystery to those in the mainstream, he’s carved out a pretty decent niche for himself thanks to singles like “White Wine,” “Benz Truck,” and “The Way I See Things” racking up somewhere around four million views on Youtube alone. Though this is being touted as his debut, he already has four mixtapes to his name, as well as six different EPs.

You can stream Lil Peeps’s album Come Over When You’re Sober in the Spotify player above.