Logic Proclaims That His New No. 1 Project ‘Bobby Tarantino’ Is ‘Conscious Trap’

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Logic’s Bobby Tarantino album has gone number one on the Billboard charts in its first week of sales. The follow-up to 2017’s polarizing Everybody album has been well received, and the sales solidify the “1-800-273-8255” rapper’s place as one of the top young stars in hip-hop. Looks like “everybody” who he advocated for in his fiery Grammys speech showed out to stream and support his project.

His Def Jam deal may not have been worth $30 million as it was initially reported, but he’s still getting a hefty investment from the label — and hopefully hefty video budgets. That said, don’t expect the humble rapper to brag too much about his success.

That’s the ethos of “conscious trap,” and his Bobby Tarantino alter-ego, as Logic told online outlet HardKnockTV. “It’s like, ‘I done made 20 million dollars, but I don’t flex a million dollars. I’m just lettin’ you motherf*ckers know that I made this money, but I’m not defined by it,” he said. “I’m an honest man – who can rap his ass off – but also I am flexin’, I am having a good time…I’m very quiet about all my accomplishments, I let my success talk, but sometimes on the record, it’s fun to let it be known.”

Logic credits Jay-Z, Big-L and other artists who have been braggadocios in their records. He says the nature of rhymes that flex on fans is “actually f*cked up, but the [spirit of] hip-hop inside us [makes us think] ‘that sh*t’s crazy!’”

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