Logic Allegedly Pretended To Be A High School Student To Scam A Nonprofit On A Music Video Shoot

Deputy Music Editor
01.29.18 6 Comments

In 2016, Def Jam-signed rapper Logic shot a music video for his song “Super Mario World” on board the oil tanker named the Mary A. Whalen. The sheer fact that this two-year-old video exists or where it was shot is hardly news, even in light of Logic’s head-turning performance on last night’s Grammy awards, except for the fact that an Indiewire report from the weekend contains allegations that the shoot may have been intentionally deceitful.

Shooting on board the tanker, like many other locations, would require a fee to film. But Logic got around this by claiming to be a high school student filming the video for a school project. This is not exactly a secret, as the video shows a Mario asking to film on the boat for a summer school project, but what many didn’t know is that this was to get around paying the nonprofit 5-10K dollars they normally would have been required to. After seeing the success of Logic, the organization PortSide that uses the money to aid hurricane recovery for the surrounding community after Sandy, is not too happy.

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