A New Mac Miller Verse About Toxic Relationships Is Featured On Seth Hirsch’s Song ‘Say Goodbye’

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When Mac Miller passed away, he apparently left behind some unreleased music: He had a Spotify Singles release back in November, for example. Now more posthumous music from Miller has surfaced, as he is featured on a new track from Seth Hirsch called “Say Goodbye.” The song was produced by Nottz, and on it, Miller raps about toxic relationships. Hirsch was originally planning on releasing the song as part of his upcoming debut album later this year, but instead decided to drop it sooner.

(Update: Uproxx removed the embed of the track after it was taken down at the request of Mac Miller’s estate.)

Hirsch said of the song:

“The song’s about toxic relationships and dealing with someone who’s sh*tty towards [you], sucks up all your energy, and keeps taking advantage of your time and emotions. But after Mac passed away, I realized this song was about a lot more than that. It’s really about struggling to say goodbye to our personal demons and the chains they put on us. That night we got the news about Mac, Nottz and I were in the studio just listening to his verse a cappella and it gave me chills. This song is such a window into Mac Miller’s soul and what he was going through.”

Nottz also said, “Mac first reached out back in 2014 about wanting to work together on some tracks. ‘Walkin’ Home’ was our first song released later that year, and then I ended up producing ‘Pet Sounds’ in 2015, featuring the late Sean Price. And then in late ’17, Mac’s tour stopped at The NorVa in Norfolk, VA and he asked me to come pick him up after the show. We got to my studio and quickly got to work. One of the tracks we ended up working on went onto become ‘Say Goodbye’ featuring this up-and-coming artist Seth Hirsch. I’ll always remember that night working with Mac.”

Hirsch added of Miller, “Mac’s music and personal life were always intertwined and on display for the whole world to see. It just felt like we all got to grow up with him and watch his art evolve. He was a pioneer for a lot of us young artists to showcase our journeys and just have fun with it, and he made it feel like we could also make it happen. I know Mac Miller’s musical legacy will live on forever and he solidified his place as legend.”

Listen to “Say Goodbye” above.