Nicki Minaj Said She’s About To Drop An Album In Her ‘Run Up’ Verse

Nicki Minaj often graces other artists with guest verses, and she’s worked with the likes of David Guetta and Major Lazer before to bring some island vibes to their Caribbean inflected pop. Today she absolutely burned down Major Lazer’s brand new song “Run Up” — which also features PartyNextDoor — with a sizzling verse delivered via front facing camera in a sly wink at smart phone culture. I see you Nicki.

But there was another hidden message in her verse that was an even hotter tip for Barbz, right at the top of her feature she teased her new album:

Major keys, I’m the boss
Don’t Griselda go off?
Left from the loft and went to Bergdorf
Most of these dudes is really quite soft
45 special, this is my cloth
‘Bout to drop a album, this is my fourth
I don’t put sugar in my spaghetti sauce
Drop a freestyle and get these hoes parched
Fire burn the obea man church

That last line is borrowed from Beenie Man’s “Better Learn,” but the obvious attention-grabbing sentence here: “‘Bout to drop a album, this is my fourth.” It doesn’t really get much more explicit than that. And since The Pinkprint came toward the end of 2014, time is right for Nicki to release something new. Plus, what better way to tease it than in a song itself? Especially given the overwhelmingly positive response to Nicki going hard at Remy Ma after that diss track.