Open Mike Eagle Uses Claymation To Make A Statement In His Surreal ‘Microfiche’ Video

Open Mike Eagle uses claymation to make a few statements in his surreal video for “Microfiche” from his latest EP, What Happens When I Try to Relax. Known for his off-the-wall video concepts and intricate, visual lyrics, Mike translates the stream-of-consciousness bars into an elaborate cartoon that takes on some pretty heavy topics for such a lighthearted video style.

The “art rapper” and his director, William Child, resurrect the stop-motion animation style to take on the NFL alongside Colin Kaepernick in a bizarre dream sequence that finds him choking out Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones while Houston Texans owner Bob McNair busts shots at Kap. Our intrepid heroes win the day as Kaepernick throws a shotgun pass at the two Texans’ jeep so hard it explodes. Of course, the dream continues with an appearance from Dracula and Open Mike’s anxieties about American militarism, police violence, and gun culture. It’s a lot of ground to cover and a pretty interesting way of covering it.

What Happens When I Try to Relax is the first Open Mike Eagle album under his own label, Auto Reverse Records and the follow-up to 2017’s breakout album, Brick Body Kids Still Daydream, which is referenced within the “Microfiche” video as well. It’s out now and you can get it here.