A Minnesota Player Was Ejected After Laying Out Penn State’s Huge Kicker With A Vicious Cheap Shot

Joey Julius is a big boy. The 259-pound Penn. State kicker has been blowing up opposing returners left and right this young season, and that’s left a bullseye on his back. Teams don’t want to deal with a lineman-sized kicker coming at them, so they’re clearly trying to take him out.

This came to a head Saturday against Minnesota, when Jaylen Waters blasted him in a bench-clearing cheap shot.

Here’s another angle:

This particular cheap shot was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and sent Waters packing after multiple flags and an ejection.

And perhaps this is when we should discuss this hit — Julius was running forward, and has been known to hit hard for his team. Was this retribution? Was he getting special consideration because he’s a kicker? Maybe. Maybe not.

Julius was picked on throughout the game, getting pancaked and blocked hard presumably just because he’s a large kicker.

Joey was just fine, however. We know this because he was drumming along to Phil Collins on the sideline.

Now, if he had been drumming along to any other ’80s star, his prognosis may not have been as positive. Luckily, he’s ready to go out there to kick balls and ass another day.