Post Malone Reveals Kanye West’s Secret Notepad He Uses To Create Magic In The Studio

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01.10.17 3 Comments

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Post Malone wrapped up a big 2016 with his debut album, the solid if not spectacular Stoney. One of the highlights of Post’s big year was working with Kanye West on his The Life Of Pablo single “Fade,” and while sitting down with DJ Whoo Kid on his Shade 45 radio show and finally divulged details of their partnership and how the track came about.

“I met him at Kylie’s birthday,” Post revealed. “And he’s just like ‘let’s get in the studio’ so we did.” Post said he went into the session with zero expectations but noted Kanye sent him the song beforehand so he could make his contributions separately before they actually hit the studio together.

The most interesting tidbit that Post let out the vault was a quick glimpse into Kanye’s creative process. “He’s got this pad of paper with just like thousands of ideas in it, lines that he’ll use,” he said. “Throughout the day he’ll probably just think of something and write it down, he flips through and comes up with the craziest stuff, off a freestyle, off a flow. We kinda record in the same way, but in his way he’s just so much more genius than me.”

Post also discussed his partnership with Toby Keith, his tour with Justin Bieber, talking conspiracy theories with Pharrell, recording with Metro Boomin and watching him make a new beat on the spot and much more. Not too shabby for a 21-year-old, right? Check out the entire interview below.

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