Red Bull Radio’s New Rap Show ‘True Laurels’ Debuts With Baltimore Rapper Lor Choc

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Elliott Jerome Brown / Red Bull Radio

With a stated mission to “elevate the discourse in the world of rap and hip-hop music,” Red Bull Radio’s newest show, True Laurels, debuts today with a pioneering Baltimore rapper who is breaking ground for alternative identities in hip-hop. The debut episode, airing today at 6 PM EST / 3 PM PST, will feature Lor Choc, a Baltimore teenager whose unique blend of rap and R&B creates a space for queer identity. Hailing from the Gilmor Homes, the community where Freddie Gray once resided and now nicknamed “The Freddie Homes,” Lor Choc breaks down how the death of Freddie Gray affected her both musically and personally while explaining Baltimore’s dirt bike culture, continuing her studies, and her plans for the future.

True Laurels, hosted by writer and publisher Lawrence Burney, spins off from a blog started by Burney in 2011, in which the writer sought to dig into the music of his hometown, Baltimore. By seeking out hip-hop and rap scenes from across the African diaspora, Burney hopes to illuminate the music’s impact on culture, politics, and communities.

”With ‘True Laurels,’ my goal has always been to try and get to the meat of what inspires the music being made in various corners of the world,” Burney explained. “The best way to do that has been always nurturing my curiosity about the culture that breeds the music. Now, with True Laurels on Red Bull Radio, I have the prime platform to share my findings.”

Watch the exclusive clip above for a preview of what to expect, and tune in at 6 PM EST at Red Bull Radio to listen to the full episode.

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