Rick Ross Is Home Recuperating After Spending The Weekend In The Hospital

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While it may not be any clearer just what condition laid Rick Ross low on Friday, there is some good news as of this morning: The Floridian rapper has been released from the hospital and is well enough to receive care at home according to a report from TMZ, who also reported the initial illness.

In the first report, it was noted that the formerly rotund rapper had collapsed and was unresponsive, leading to a 911 call from someone at his home, and the hospital admission. While it was reported that the condition in question was a respiratory illness like pneumonia, TMZ’s sources now state that the issue may have been heart-related. In any case, the problem required a process known as extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, or ECMO, a technique used to oxygenate blood outside of the body before pumping it back in.

Though it was called a form of life support by TMZ, Ross’s associates and friends vocally denied that he was on any form of life support and that they were able to speak to him on the phone.

In any case, a heart-related condition makes sense, as Ross previously lost a lot of weight in an effort to stave off health issues in 2014. While it became the subject of a number of memes, including a Funny Or Die video in which Ross participated, as the weekend’s events demonstrate, heart health is no laughing matter. Now, hip-hop can breathe a sigh of that he pulled through and look forward to hearing that signature grunt again soon.