Even Schoolboy Q Is Hilariously Trying To Catch ‘Em All On ‘Pokemon Go’

07.13.16 3 years ago

If you haven’t noticed, Pokémon Go runs the world. Nintendo and your cellphones have teamed up to form their own little SkyNet, and they’re helping people commit crimes, solve crimes, uncover infidelity, find dead bodies, and all sorts of neat tricks within their quest to run our lives. All of that stuff is cool, and scary and all that but nothing Pokémon Go related is cooler — or funnier — than Schoolboy Q’s admission that he too has joined in on the fun of trying to catch ’em all.

Schoolboy, who is headed towards nabbing his second No. 1 album with the release of the fascinating and spectacular Blank Face LP, sat down with The Fader and let the world know he’s got Pokémon Go fever, saying “I been playing that sh*t.”

Thankfully someone had a camera rolling, and an, um, enlightened, Schoolboy went on a little rant about Poke-MAN, as he put it. “I just got it, I ain’t never f**ked with Poke-Man in my life,” he revealed. “I done caught like five Poke-Man on the way here. Yah’mean?!”

Q is a novice though, and he admitted as such, but he’s ambitious in his Pokémon quest. “I’m already at level four, I’m trying to get to level five so I can go to the gym and I can start battling ni***s. Throw my Pokédex out there on them.” His real go though? Well he’s searching for a Pikachu because, as he said “that’s the only Poke-Man I know.”

Like everybody else, 30 seconds was far too long to go without looking for a few new Pokémon in the area so Q whipped out his phone and asked the question on everybody’s mind when they enter a new room these days, “Y’all got Poke-Man in here?”

Amazing. Somebody needs to get in contact with Q and turn this into a TV show, a web-series or something immediately.

(Via The Fader)

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