‘Fantastic Four’ bombed so hard, not even Sue Storm went to see it

Did you go see see Josh Trank”s reboot of Marvel”s First Family when “Fantastic Four” hit theaters? Statistically speaking, your answer is no. At this point, there”s no sugar-coating it: the movie was a flop. Domestically it pulled in around $55 million and even international eyeballs couldn”t buoy “Fantastic Four” to success.

But who would”ve guessed one of the film”s stars would be counted among those who didn”t flock to theaters to watch Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben begin again? During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kate Mara confessed to just that.

Ostensibly there to talk about “The Martian,” the conversation turned to superhero films as Mara, Sebastian Stan (“Captain America”), and Michael Peña (“Ant-Man”) have all been part of that genre's franchise machine. When Stan admitted he”d yet to see “Fantastic Four,” Mara chimed in as well:

“Neither did the rest of the world […] I haven”t seen the one that”s out there yet.”

An interesting choice of words as director Josh Trank admitted another version of the film existed last year before reshoots. Whether in solidarity for Trank”s original vision or just out of disdain for the final cut, world may never know.