The Writers For ‘Infinity War’ Say That One Major Moment Was Almost Held Until ‘Avengers 4’

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WARNING: Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 ahead

At this point, most of the world has seen Avengers: Infinity War and knows what happens to Earth’s mightiest heroes at the end of the film. If you haven’t, you deserve a medal for being able to dive and duck all of the spoilers and memes that have been shared online at this point.

A lot of stuff happened and there has been a lot to unpack in regards to the events of Infinity War, the whereabouts of certain characters, where Thanos ends up, and what it all means for the second part of the tale in Avengers 4. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, don’t read forward. If you’re saving yourself for Avengers 4, you might want to hang back too. Otherwise, there are spoilers ahead.


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