This Droid Meeting Is Further Proof That ‘The Last Jedi’ Might Be The Cutest ‘Star Wars’ Movie Yet

While Star Wars fans wait for the next trailer for The Last Jedi to arrive (please, Lucasfilm gods, reward our patience soon), there have been a few tantalizing tidbits to keep the love of the Force alive. Namely, really cute stuff. Yes, while things are most likely to go dark when Rey returns to the big screen, but for now, Star Wars is leaning into Porg mania. On top of these adorable bipeds, they’re bring out the cuteness big guns with BB-8.

In the latest official animated short, BB-8 meets his First Order counterpart, BB-9E. While one would think that no one would be impervious to the charms of BB-8, be they human, alien, or droid, his evil twin is certainly not a fan. While BB-8 remains his chipper self, BB-9E is his Hot Topic doppelgänger.

Director Rian Johnson has been dropping some fun facts on Twitter lately, and the rollout of BB-9E is no different. When the inherent cuteness of The Last Jedi characters was pointed out on Twitter, Johnston let us all know that it could have been even cuter.

As the countdown to December 15th marches on, at least fans have these charming creatures to keep them company (until they inevitably make us cry when the movie comes out).

(Via Mashable)