Ben Affleck Further Stirs The Pot After Kevin Smith Teases The New ‘Bluntman V Chronic’ Casting In ‘Reboot’

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Kevin Smith will appear at San Diego Comic-Con’s Hall H on Saturday night to unveil the first Jay and Silent Bob Reboot trailer. Within those few minutes, viewers will see who’s playing the new Bluntman and Chronic (replacing Jason Biggs and James Van Der Beek, respectively), and Smith already teased the subject while fans hoped that Ben Affleck would return to the View Askewniverse as Bluntman. Smith later revealed that there’s no chance of Batfleck turning into Bluntman, but both men have expressed the desire for Affleck to appear in Reboot, and Smith further muddied the waters by revealing that “three Batmans” appear in this new movie. And of course he won’t reveal who those Batmans are because he knows how nerd excitement operates.

Are you confused and/or pumped yet? Well, Ben Affleck is here to add to the mess. He apparently couldn’t resist replying to Smith’s “Bluntman V Chronic” tweet with a “Snoochie boochies!”

Yes, that’s still the customary method of saying “cool” or “right on” or any similar statement in the View Askewniverse, and now, we’re left to wonder what all of this means. Is Affleck simply screwing with fans? Is he going to appear as one the three Batmans in Reboot? Will he possibly even pop into SDCC? Well, that last question is a silly one, for Affleck would have to be truly self-sacrificing to brave that crush of humanity, but hey, stranger things have happened. And considering that Matt Damon has been popping up in unexpected places lately (Deadpool 2), I’d put nothing past either of these two jokers. Obviously, we’ll find out more on Saturday night (including whether Chris Hemsworth might be playing Bluntman) when Smith pops into Hall H.