Marvel Has Finally Begun Working On A Long Overdue ‘Black Widow’ Movie Script


The lack of a Black Widow movie has become such a running joke over the years that even Scarlett Johansson, Black Widow herself, had to make fun of her disparate lack of representation in toys and spin-offs on Saturday Night Live last year. Chris Hemsworth has said a Black Widow movie would “clean up,” Anthony Mackie has detailed what he wants in a Black Widow film, and Marvel Movies boss Kevin Feige said he’s creatively and emotionally committed’ to making a full-length feature about Natasha Romanoff.

But where is it? Thankfully, Variety is reporting that the long overdue film is underway, with a script by the talented Jac Schaeffer in the works, which is doubly awesome. Schaeffer gained notoriety through the Black List screenwriting contest and was selected by Feige after he met with Johansson, who told him what she wanted out of a Black Widow movie. It’s great that we’re in a place when a woman is writing a Black Widow script, truly.

The only question is if this will fit into Marvel’s packed schedule, or if it’ll be past the nine movies announced for the next two years. The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 4 begins in 2019 with Spider-Man 2 but has a wide-open slate in 2020. So, does this mean Black Widow survives the battle with Thanos in Infinity War?

(Via Variety)