Mark Hamill’s Description Of Blue Milk From ‘Star Wars’ Will Make You Gag


Mark Hamill is Extremely Online. Usually that’s a bad thing (there’s a parody Twitter account of the Extremely Online Guy with tweets like, “It’s very nice out today make sure to get outside for a bit everyone”), but not so with Luke Skywalker. The actor shuts down long-standing Star Wars rumors, makes Futurama references, and praises one of his fellow Jokers. He also, earlier this week, amusingly described what it was like to drink the infamous blue milk from A New Hope. I’d rather cuddle with an acklay than have a glass.

“Blue milk was ‘Long Life’ milk (used by campers because no refrigeration is needed) w/ blue food coloring,” Hamill wrote. “Oily, warm & slightly sweet, it literally made me gag, but I was determined to drink it on-camera. It was an acting challenge to appear as though I enjoyed it.” (You wouldn’t know it from watching the scene.) He then added a puke-face emoji and hashtag #TrueStory.

Blue milk comes from female banthas, the big, dumb-looking creatures that roam Tatooine, often with a Tusken rider on their backs. I would not want to drink liquid from one of these furry brutes, either. I’ll stick to the tastier sounding “Bloody Rancor” from Galaxy’s Edge, thank you very much.

(Via Twitter)