A Recently Discovered ‘Doctor Strange’ Easter Egg Turns Out To Be A Sly Reference To ‘Groundhog Day’


It’s always nice to stumble across an easter egg you never knew was tucked in a movie. That goes double when said egg is discovered in a film that’s undergone obsessive analysis already.

It’s been over a year since Marvel’s Doctor Strange hit theaters (enough time for you to embrace Benedict Cumberbatch’s unique accent), but it wasn’t until Groundhog Day that someone figured out there was a microscopic nod to the Bill Murray film of the same name in the proceedings. Twitter user @TimDLydon pointed out the reference online for the world to see, showcasing the watch on Stephen Strange’s wrist from his life-altering car accident.

Of course, this could have been read as a coincidence. Just because both Groundhog Day and Doctor Strange both explore time loops and the bending of an accepting reality doesn’t automatically confirm a connection. Luckily for fans of Lydon’s discovery, the film’s director had no problem confirming that this was no happy accident.

“I’ve waited two years for somebody to notice this,” tweeted Scott Derrickson.

It’s not quite as big of a nod as say a scene where Doctor Strange punched out Ned Ryerson, but that makes the value of finding it all the more special. Our apologies to all you Marvel obsessives that will have to study MCU films like game film to find another tucked away easter egg from here on out.

(Via ScreenRant)