Exclusive clip: Lorenzo seeks ‘model’ love, sex on ‘Secret Princes’

Oh, “Secret Princes,” (Fri. at 10:00 p.m. ET on TLC) what are we going to do with you? Prince Lorenzo de’ Medici of Italy is determined to find love in the Lonestar State, but he’s going about it all wrong, the silly squirrel. Actually, he may find the language barrier plays in his favor, as everyone thinks it’s charming when he says he’s good at the sexy, and this probably sounds even less smooth in his native tongue. In this exclusive clip, we see the man in action. We won’t even comment on his neckerchief. 

If you think Prince Lorenzo looks like a bundle of fun, take heart — he’s even better on paper. He’s the heir to the famous Medici dynasty, and, according to TLC, “his family has a selection of beautiful homes filled with priceless antiques and numerous staff. He spends his time working with several charities and is pursuing his political career. Lorenzo has a passion for cooking and never has any assistance in the kitchen.” Alas, the women he meets on the show won’t discover he’s royalty until the end of the season (if they can stick around that long). They may suspect something’s afoot, though, given the colorful accents and the camera crew, but hey, let’s not look askance if true love blossoms, right? 

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