Girl Power: 10 female superheroes who deserve their own movie

Admittedly, comic-books don’t have the greatest track record when it comes to representations of female characters, with even the fiercest and most powerful of superheroines depicted as busty, scantily-clad sexpots blessed with the proportions of a Victoria’s Secret model.

Given the predominantly-male fanbase of the medium, there are also very few female crime-fighters who boast the kind of name value that would make them an obvious fit for a standalone movie – though it bears pointing out that not even Wonder Woman, arguably the most famous of all female superheroes, has become the subject of a feature film despite numerous aborted attempts. Instead the Amazonian warrior princess has been relegated to the small-screen, where budgets are smaller and production values inevitably chintzier.

So what will it take to get a solo female superhero movie greenlit in this town that isn’t either unbearably cheesy (“Supergirl”) or just plain bad (“Elektra”)? We haven’t the slightest, but in the meantime, here are a few suggestions for characters who deserve consideration should someone decide to give it a go.

Check out all our picks in the gallery below, then vote in the poll further down the page to let us know which of these characters you’d most like to see in a standalone feature (and/or sound off with your own ideas in the comments).