Jessica Chastain is a boss in ‘Miss Sloane’ trailer

09.14.16 3 years ago

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I love a good, political drama, especially when one individual strives to do the impossible. In House of Cards, Frank Underwood (SPOILER!) rose to become the leader of the free world by engaging in a series of complicated moves and countermoves. In Miss Sloane, lobbyist Jessica Chastain attempts to pass a law on gun control. Putting aside our personal politics, this is a challenging proposition. It's as difficult if not more difficult than usurping the Presidency while serving as a Senator. (Don't forget that Frank Underwood had the advantage of dealing with a weak President who had a bizarre weakness for antique typewriters.) 

Miss Sloane has all the makings of a provocative game of human chess, with Jessica Chastain playing the mastermind who can anticipate everyone's double dealings and backstabs. Passing this law? For some, this is a fantasy and for others, this is a nightmare. But I say we sit back and enjoy the process. It's not reality or a docudrama. That's for sure. 

Director John Madden knows his way around a political drama (King's Speech) so I'm looking forward to what he and Jessica Chastain have cooked up for us. Let's see this. 

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