New ‘Thor: The Dark World’ trailer offers plenty of action and a good slap in the face

Today, Marvel released a new trailer for their upcoming movie “Thor: The Dark World,” and it certainly has interesting moments. The trailer does offer some of the same shots and voiceover from the first trailer that was issued this spring, but there is a whole lot more as well. 
It isn’t just more Loki (although there’s more Loki, and let’s face it, as was shown at Comic-Con, everyone loves Loki), there’s more action, there’s more Jane, and there’s more Mjolnir. All in all, a pretty good combination.
One of the more interesting moments in the new trailer is Loki getting a slap in the face from Jane, explaining “That was for New York.” A clear “Avengers” reference, we are still curious to find out how Alan Taylor’s new movie deals with Jane’s notable absence in last summer’s blockbuster (or why our hero didn’t pop in to say hello after having his shawarma, such a visit certainly is not implied in the trailer).
We aren’t so sure that we like the end to the trailer, which feels somewhat telegraphed to us, but it is unquestionably a moment of levity in what could otherwise be a very dark setup.  
What do you think? Are they going to handle Jane’s absence well? Are you excited for the new movie? 
“Thor: The Dark World” hits theaters November 8, 2013.