Nicolas Cage takes the wheel in ‘Left Behind’ trailer

What would Nicolas Cage do?

The Oscar-winning King of the Internet stars in the upcoming reboot of the “Left Behind” franchise, based on the hugely popular Christian book series interpreting the Book of Revelation. A brand new trailer shows Cage in action.

Pilot Rayford Steele (another great character name for Cage's resume) must maintain order when dozens of passengers on his transatlantic flight disappear into thin air during The Rapture. Meanwhile, his daughter Chloe (Cassi Thomson) deals with the apocalypse back on Earth, and faces a crisis of faith, exclaiming “The God my mother talked about would never do something like this.”

Cage is actually pretty low-key here — he doesn't scream or laugh maniacally as much as he often does — but it's only a trailer, after all. There's also no Kirk Cameron, who starred in a trilogy of films earlier this millennium, but maybe he'll pop up in the sequel (there are 16 books in all). At the very least, the film will offer an interesting companion piece to HBO's “The Leftovers,” only with much less cursing.

“Left Behind,” directed by stunt veteran Vic Armstrong, opens October 3.