The Russo Brothers Say That One Of The Current Marvel Characters Is Secretly Gay

05.08.19 3 months ago


There was a lot of movie in the three-hour money-gobbler that was Avengers: Endgame, so perhaps you missed this: Buried in the early stretch was the MCU’s first openly gay character. He wasn’t a major player; he was some rando in Captain America’s group therapy for the post-snap world. He spoke movingly, yet casually, about his missed same-sex partner, and no one batted an eye. Some saw it as a major moment for inclusivity; others saw it as not enough, and maybe even questionable — perhaps Marvel cynically kowtowing to special interest groups by doing the bare minimum.

Well, looks like that was just the beginning. Writers-directors Joe and Anthony Russo were on EW Morning Live to discuss the number one movie in the world. At one point they specifically discussed the big little scene in question. Co-host Dalton Ross asked them to clarify that this incredibly minor character was indeed the mega-franchise’s first gay character.

“Yes, openly gay,” Joe said, stressing the “openly” part. “There’ve been insinuations about other characters’ sexuality, but this is the first openly gay character.” When asked which one, Joe stammered before saying, “We’re gonna find out!” Then everyone moved on.

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