Here’s When ‘Solo’ Takes Place In The ‘Star Wars’ Timeline

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Insanity is explaining the Star Wars timeline to someone who’s never seen Star Wars. “The first three movies, episodes four through six, chronologically take place after the next three movies, episodes one through three, and the seventh movie, The Clone Wars, which isn’t actually episodic, is set between movies two and three. Oh yeah, and there’s a stand-alone story, which happens after episode three, but before episode four, and don’t forget the new trilogy.”

Like I said: madness. And it’s about to get even madder than Kylo Ren.

Random House’s Del Rey Books has a helpful timeline of their officially licensed Star Wars novels. It begins with Terry Brooks’ Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, R.A. Salvatore’s Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, Christie Golden’s Star Wars: Dark Disciple, and so on. The novelization for Solo: A Star Wars Story, the upcoming Han Solo anthology film, falls between Last Shot (“A Han and Lando novel”) and Star Wars: Thrawn (named after the Galactic Empire’s evil Grand Admiral Thrawn), and before Rogue One. That places Solo approximately 11 years before the events of A New Hope.

Here, just look:

Random House

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