Stan Lee Is ‘Doing Well’ After Being Rushed To The Hospital

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Comic and pop culture fans got a square earlier on Thursday evening as news broke that Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee had been rushed to the hospital. A report on TMZ claimed that Lee had experienced “shortness of breath and an irregular heartbeat,” forcing him to seek assistance at Cedars-Sinai on Wednesday night. The report added that Lee had canceled two convention appearances in 2017 due to an undisclosed health condition, but there was no indication that the incidents were connected. Lee’s wife had also passed away in the summer of 2017 at the age of 93.

A representative for Lee responded to inquiries on the legendary writer’s status, confirming that he was in no current danger:

A spokesperson for Stan said he, “is doing well and feeling good, he is staying there for a few days for some check-ups as a safety precaution.”

At 95, Lee still seemed to be going strong on Monday while attending the premiere for Black Panther. The character was created by Lee and Jack Kirby in 1966 and it is the latest property poised to take over the box office with its release in a few weeks. The day he’s forced to stop making cameos in these movies or isn’t around to help promote them will be an odd day. Until then, we can all be thankful he’s still semi-healthy despite staying in the hospital.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter / TMZ)