Angry ‘Star Wars’ Fans Sent Death Threats To ‘The Last Jedi’ Director Rian Johnson


The Last Jedi was a criticial (a 91 percent “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes) and financial ($1.3 billion at the box office) success, but to a small but vocal minority of the Star Wars fanbase, it was an insult to everything the franchise stood for. Look no further than the movie’s 47 percent user score on Rotten Tomatoes — that’s lower than every other live-action Star Wars movie, including the sand-filled Attack of the Clones. Some so-called “fans” were so upset, in fact, that they sent to death threats to writer and director Rian Johnson.

“I knew intellectually what I was letting myself in for, but then when it happens you’re like, oh my God, this is intense,” he told The Standard. “It’s about knowing you’re not going to please everyone. But then you still read someone saying they wish you were dead and it’s going to ruin your day.” Johnson continued, “There were death threats. It’s balanced by a few things — 90% of the stuff I got online was not only lovely and encouraging but phenomenally thoughtful. Fans would send me essays on the movie. The other 10% is just loud and gets amplified. At first I was freaked out but then I realized the things people were angry about are the things I’m most proud about.”

How dare Johnson try something new and not force-feed us the same Star Wars we’re used to. As punishment, Disney and LucasFilm went back to The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams for Episode IX… so Johnson can helm an all-new trilogy. Looks like he got the last laugh (“he,” being Nien Nunb).

(Via The Standard)