‘Multiple’ ‘Star Wars’ Films Are Still In The Works (But Not A ‘Last Jedi’ Remake)


Earlier this week, reports suggested that future Star Wars spin-offs were being put “on hold,” following the disappointing box-office returns for Solo: A Star Wars Story (it’s the lowest-grossing live action film in the franchise). That means no Obi Wan movie, no James Mangold’s Boba Fett movie, no Nien Nunb movie (I’m assuming that’s next), with the focus instead being placed “on Star Wars: Episode IX and what the next trilogy of Star Wars films will be after that film.” (Rian Johnson and the Game of Thrones guys are involved.) But hold your space horses: Lucasfilm refuted the “inaccurate” reports on Thursday.

Instead, Lucasfilm told ABC News there are still “multiple” Star Wars films currently in development that have not been officially announced. (Via)

One Star Wars film that won’t be made, however, is a remake of The Last Jedi, no matter how hard one Twitter account tries. The aptly-titled Remake The Last Jedi is a campaign that’s aiming to “provide Disney an opportunity to course correct with the Star Wars franchise. The fans are completely divided and the core goal of Star Wars has been abandoned. The goal is to not make one half of the fandom happy over the other, it is to make a film that the fandom in general as a whole enjoys.” Or as the group (who probably use the expression “ruined my childhood” unironically) wrote in an misguided thread on Twitter:

“Our team of producers is offering to cover the budget for a remake of The Last Jedi in order to save Star Wars. Share this and spread the word to let [Walt Disney Company CEO Robert Iger and Disney] know you want this! This isn’t a joke, we’re ready to have the convo now!”

There are a lot of potential issues with this, including:

But there’s also at least one person who supports the cause!

Now I want this remake to happen.

(Via ABC News)