‘Stranger Things’ Is Turned Into A Cheesy ’80s Sitcom Courtesy Of The Latest Bad Lip Reading

Bad Lip Reading has started to take a look at some of the more popular Netflix series in the past few months. The popular YouTube channel gave Narcos the treatment last month and now has moved on to Netflix mega-hit Stranger Things. Much like their take on Pablo Escobar, the Bad Lip Reading version of Stranger Things becomes a different tale than The Duffer Brothers probably intended. Instead of focusing on alternate dimensions and monsters, this version of Stranger Things is all about coming of age, practicing for the big play, comparing musical tastes with the local sheriff, and kissing a girl for the first time.

It’s like The Wonder Years meets those GI Joe Fensler films in all the right ways. It even has Community and Love star Gillian Jacobs providing the voice of Nancy without doing anything to “Britta” it up.

The one thing this version of Stranger Things does better than the Netflix version is Jim Hopper. He’s still sheriff, obviously, but he’s more of a cool dude that just wants to listen to his music and get you to confess your dreams. On the other hand, this version of Barb is not fun and cool. Keep her away from your hair.

Hopefully, this means we’ll get some more Netflix shows soon enough. Drop in a new version of Mindhunter or The Crown, maybe even blend them both together into one video. Prince Philp being The BTK Killer wouldn’t be too far off base.

(Via Bad Lip Reading)