The Latest ‘Stranger Things’ Poster Pays Homage To ‘The Evil Dead’

The second season of Stranger Things is still over a month away, but Netflix’s official Twitter account for the series has been keeping the hype train alive with #StrangerThursdays. Part of that involves interacting with fans using the preferred language of the Internet (reaction GIFS) and part of it has involved dropping new posters that pay homage to classic films. Back in August, two of these posters had been released: one that showed Nancy in danger from the demogorgon in tribute to A Nightmare on Elm Street and one of the boys that mirrored the poster for Stand By Me.

Since then, the publicity department for Stranger Things have been busy. Just today, they dropped the following image, a poster in the vein of the classic film The Evil Dead as Joyce is dragged to hell the Upsidedown.

Other posters from past #StrangerThursdays have taken their cues from classic films such as The Running Man, Firestarter, and Alien. Since the Netflix show dabbles heavily in both 1980s nostalgia and Amblin Entertainment themes and cinematography, throwing visual shout-outs to movies that inspired the Duffer Brothers to create Stranger Things is a nice hat tip . It’s also a fun game for fans to try and suss out exactly which movie each new poster is riffing off of. Hopefully they keep this up all the way up to the October 27, 2017 release date.