The 10 best performances in Woody Allen films

I’ve already expressed how over the moon I am for Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine” and particularly Cate Blanchett’s performance therein. I spoke with Blanchett this morning and specifically asked if it was an actor’s dream to work for Allen. More like greatest fear, she noted, as the bar has been set so high.

Indeed, 16 performances in Woody Allen films have been nominated for Academy Awards over the years. Six of them have won. That’s some track record, and it’s only partly indicative of the wide-ranging, impressive array of work he’s been able to draw out of actors of all sorts. Actors just seem to click on a different level when they’re collaborating with him, so Guy and I figured, yeah, that’s fodder for a listicle.

So here we are. Click through the gallery story below for our combined picks for the best performances in Woody Allen’s films, and feel free to tell us your favorite in the comments section below. Check back later this week for that interview with Blanchett.

“Blue Jasmine” arrives in theaters Friday.