The New ‘Venom’ Trailer Injects Humor Into Horror While Further Revealing Tom Hardy’s Transformation

Months ago, the first Venom trailer confirmed to Marvel fans that Sony planned to closely stick to comic book origins, and with this full-length followup trailer, Tom Hardy fully embodies the antihero, or perhaps it embodies him. After all, his Eddie Brock journalist character jokes at the end that he’s “got a parasite,” but that part arrives after viewers see an extended take on how he’s fused with an alien symbiote with horrific Jeckyl-and-Hyde-esque, face-licking results.

There’s still no Spider-Man to be found in this action-heavy trailer for the spin-off that was hyped to evoke the feel of David Cronenberg and John Carpenter films in a way that’s “more pop and fun.” And once again, we see that a symbiote army exists after Brock tells someone else that the power “is not completely awful,” yet few characters that Hardy encounters within the trailer appear to agree with his take.

The trailer is darkly humorous, suggesting a nuanced take on the story that will see Hardy struggling to control his newfound violent impulses. And fans will catch a glimpse of more symbiotes, which include the main villain, Riot, who’s played by Riz Ahmed. Venom also stars Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate, and Woody Harrelson and will arrive in theaters on October 5.