Watch: Lana Del Rey and ASAP Rocky in ‘National Anthem’ video teaser

History repeats itself over and over and over again in the teaser for Lana Del Rey”s upcoming “National Anthem” video.

If you have the patience to watch the thousand repeats of Lana Del Rey, standing at a microphone sweeping back her hair and smiling and
 A$AP Rocky taking a drag in the cigarette, presumably in the audience, a bit of a the plots unspools. Del Rey appear as Jackie Onassis (looking like a cross between Jackie O and Elvis-era Priscilla Presley) with A$AP Rocky as her John F. Kennedy.  Cut in is footage of American flags, the couple dancing, and a motorcade similar to the one on that fateful day in November 1963.

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In an interview in Berlin, A$AP Rocky told a reporter that the video is probably too advanced for us mere mortals, but that we”ll catch on in three years because, you know, we”ll still be talking about these two artists then. As MTV reported,  A$AP said, “”I play JFK, she plays Jackie O, you know, some cool, trippy shit, some really 2015 shit. People gonna get it in like three years, and that’s the whole purpose of it.”   You know what I am confused by? How Del Rey stretches the word “ovation” from three syllables to five in the song.

The final video, directed by Anthony Mandler, is supposedly 10 minutes long. No word on when it will drop.

On a side note, it”s bad enough that we now have trailers of music videos as if they”re major motion picture events, but if all trailers start showing the same miniscule amount of footage  set to the entire length of the song, the world’s going to turn into an ugly place.