Watch: ‘Movie 43’ features an all-star cast and seems determined to offend

I’m still not sure what to make of the title, but the trailer for “Movie 43” makes it look very slick and wildly offensive, and I’ll admit that much of what I saw made me laugh.

The very, very, very red band trailer for the movie showed up today on the Comedy Central website, and just looking at the trailer, you can tell this has been kicking around for a while. It filmed in 2010 and is the work of a whole group of directors.  Elizabeth Banks, Steven Brill, Steve Carr, Rusty Cundieff, James Duffy, Griffin Dunne, Peter Farrelly, Patrik Forsberg, James Gunn, Bob Odenkirk and Brett Ratner all contributed to the picture, which was written by Steve Baker, Will Carlough, Patrik Forsberg, Matt Portenoy, Greg Pritikin, Rocky Russo, and Jeremy Sosenko. 

Just listing the writers and directors makes me want to take a nap from exhaustion, but when you look at the cast they’ve got, it’s ridiculous.  So many people.  Chloe Grace Moretz.  Elizabeth Banks.  Hugh Jackman.  Emma Stone.  Naomi Watts.  Gerard Butler as a leprechaun.  I repeat… Gerard Butler as a leprechaun.  Anna Faris and Chris Pratt.  Kristen Bell.  Kate Winslet.  Richard Gere.  Uma Thurman.  Seann William Scott.  Justin Long.  Christopher Mintz-Plasse.  Patrick Warburton.  Liev Schreiber.  Kate Bosworth.  Leslie Bibb.  Jason Sudeikis.  Johnny Knoxville.  Tony Shaloub.  Kieran Culkin.  Terrence Howard.  Jack McBrayer.  Stephen Merchant.  Matt Walsh.  Aasif Mandvi.  John Hodgman.  It’s crazy.

And the trailer itself? Well, it’s very dirty, and they are genuinely not worried about offending people.  I like anthology comedy films like this, and I’m curious what the framing device is that holds this all together.  This trailer really doesn’t hint at it. It is very, very not-safe-for-work, so be warned.

They’ve been shuffling this around for a while, but with this trailer finally in release, maybe they’ll actually stick to the January 25, 2013 date.  I’m curious to see how Relativity handles the release, and I look forward to finally seeing the movie.