Watch: Owl City’s video for ‘Deer in the Headlights’

06.30.11 8 years ago

Adam Young, aka Owl City, goes back to the future for his trippy video for “Deer in the Headlights, ” the current single from his new album, “All Things Bright and Beautiful.”

When a Delorean magically appears while he”s skateboarding, OC has no choice but to climb, in. Wouldn”t you? Sadly, there”s no Doc or Marty, but there is a stop at the Quickie Mart–or equivalent–where his eyes are constantly playing tricks on him or maybe he”s just landed in Area 51.

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Deer and a beautiful girl (played by Lights) show up and disappear. As he travels down the highway of life, singing about how damn confusing he finds the female of the species in that sweet, twee voice of his,  UFO-like jellyfish soar overhead in a benign fashion.

It”s all kind of wacky and wonderful.


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