Why aren’t these 10 video game titles being made into movies?

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This Friday, November 15th, marks the launch of the newest generation of Sony’s PlayStation game console, the PlayStation 4, and next week will see Microsoft’s Xbox One hit store shelves. Both are debuting with a slew of high profile titles, with more games due out in the coming months and high hopes for all the companies involved.
Video games, like it or not, are an ever-present part of our lives. 
Evan Daugherty, who wrote the screenplay for the upcoming “Divergent,” has also just written and directed four new shorts featuring characters from “Super Mario Bros.” They may put a new spin on the mustachioed plumbers, the princess, and Toad, but certain elements of those characters are so ingrained into our culture that they still resonate; the characters are easily identifiable by vast swaths of the people, even if those people aren’t “gamers.”
Want another example? Next March will see Aaron Paul star in an adaptation of the “Need for Speed” video game franchise.
With greater and lesser success, many video games have been adapted for the big screen. The “Resident Evil” video game series has sparked an entire film franchise, Lara Croft is expected to return to films in the not too distant future after being played twice by Angelina Jolie, and an “Assassin’s Creed” movie starring Michael Fassbender is coming in 2015.
But, is Hollywood making the right video games into movies? We aren’t so sure. The gallery below features 10 different games (or franchises) that we think need to be turned into movies. Have rumors swirled about some of them becoming films in the past? Yes, but it’s a far cry from development to theatrical release. 
Which of the below titles would you like to see turned into movies? Sound off by voting in the poll below the gallery.

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