100 Gecs’ Coachella 2022 Set Was Cut Short Right In The Middle Of Their Biggest Song And Fans Are Mad

This past weekend was a long time coming for 100 Gecs: The experimental duo was originally slated to perform at the canceled 2020 Coachella festival, and now, they finally performed at the 2022 fest. That said, their Saturday set ended on a deflating note: In the middle of performing “Money Machine,” their most popular song, festival personnel started removing the band’s equipment from the stage before their sound was cut off completely. After that happened, the duo was seen trying to say something to the crowd, a message that wasn’t audible (at least not on the official Coachella livestream) given that their microphones had been turned off.

Neither Coachella nor 100 Gecs have offered an explanation about what happened. Fans have noted on social media, however, that 100 Gecs’ set started 20 minutes late due to artists performing before them running long with their own sets. 100 Gecs’ set was preceded by performances from Emo Nite and JID.

Speaking of Gecs fans, they were not pleased with how the performance ended. One Twitter summed up the situation well: “so you mean to tell me 100 gecs got invited to coachella 2020, which got cancelled due to covid, then were part of coachella 2022, just to have their set cut short and equipment taken off stage during money machine, their most popular song? i feel so bad for them.”

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