2nd Grade Share More Of Their Carefree Sound With The Breezy ‘Dennis Hopper In Easy Rider’

Newly-minted Philadelphia power-pop group 2nd Grade introduced themselves with the singles “Velodrome” and “My Bike.” Composed of members from Friendship, Remember Sports, and Free Cake For Every Creature, the group aims to make breezy pop-adjacent tunes. Further previewing the upcoming record Hit To Hit, 2nd Grade releases the carefree track “Dennis Hopper In Easy Rider.”

It’s not too hard to pick up on what exactly inspired the sound of “Dennis Hopper In Easy Rider.” A catchy guitar riff provides an open space for lead singer Peter Gill’s lighthearted musings where he recites his ABC’s and lists off the cast members in the 1969 cult classic film.

In a statement, Gill said the band has no ulterior motive with their debut record other than to make fun pop songs. “That’s one way I can see this whole thing now,” Gill said. “I wanted to write a bunch of really catchy songs and at the end of the day that would have been enough for me, just to put out an album with a bunch of great pop songs that doesn’t have to have some sort of deeper meaning.”

Listen to “Dennis Hopper In Easy Rider” above.

Hit To Hit is out 5/29 via Double Double Whammy. Pre-order it here.