Hear Alex G’s ‘End Song,’ A Track From His Score For The Film ‘We’re All Going To The World’s Fair’

If anyone is familiar with the ins and outs of being an indie musician, it’s Alex G. The Pennsylvania songwriter started off releasing tapes on Bandcamp, and quickly amassed a cult following. But that didn’t stop him from getting embroiled in a legal snarl with his stage name, that resulted in a brief stint as (Sandy) Alex G, and then back to just Alex G. Following up his latest release, 2019’s excellent House Of Sugar, Alex is now releasing a film score.

Tapped by We’re All Going To The World’s Fair director, Jane Scoenbrun, to score the film, he’s also released a new song simply called “End Song” that rolls during the film’s credits. “Whenever it rains at night I put on Alex’s score and listen to how the rain on my roof sounds mixed with Alex’s beautiful, lonely music,” Scoenbrun said in a statement. “I’ve been a fan of Alex’s records for so long, and it was literally a dream come true to get to collaborate with him on my first feature. I can’t imagine a better or more moving accompaniment to the film.”

For Alex G fans, that kind of co-sign might be reason enough to get out and see the film. Either way, check out his new single “End Song” up top and look out for the score’s release date on 4/15 via Milan Records.