(Sandy) Alex G’s Jammy New Single ‘Proud’ Is Nice Enough To Get You Over His Name Change

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It sounds like Philly-based DIY rocker Alex G has spent his time since signing to Domino opening up. 2015’s Beach Music opened the bedroom door with a wider, more expansive sound and it looks like his upcoming album Rocket is going to continue in that same vein. And this newer, bigger sound has clearly changed something in Alexander Giannascoli. Along with the new single “Proud,” the singer has announced that his project will now be known as (Sandy) Alex G.

(Sandy)’s latest preview of the new album follows the country-leaning stylings of the earlier single “Bobby.” It might be a studio trick from a person who knows their way around some recording equipment, but the twangy ramble at least sounds like other people have been invited into the room. The trailing piano, easy guitar strum and do do do runthroughs of the melody give “Proud” a loose and jammy feeling. It almost sounds like a goof during practice that just happened to be recorded, with all the serendipitous and nice vibes that that entails. Give it a listen up top.

Rocket — (Sandy) Alex G’s eighth album and the first under his new name — is out on May 19 via Domino. Pre-order it here.

(Sandy) Alex G will take his new name and new songs on a tour of North America this summer. Check out the newly announced tour dates below.

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