‘Record Safari’ Follows Alex Rodriguez On A 10,000 Mile Trip Around America To Collect Vinyl

“It’s because of music that we go out and try to find these pieces of plastic,” Alex Rodriguez explains at the top of the trailer for Record Safari, a documentary about his travel around America to add to his vinyl collection and his work as an avid curator of records. Rodriguez works as both the on-site vinyl curator for Coachella and runs The Glass House Records store in Pomona, California that is a sister business to the music venue of the same name — he’s also the newly-appointed music curator at the Los Feliz bar, Pinky’s.

But the documentary is not just a look at Rodriguez’s journey and his own personal relationship to music as much as it is an exploration of the compulsion that vinyl collection has become for so many people around the country. The film crew follows Alex’s trip on a 10,000 mile trek around America to collect and discover records for Coachella’s annual store, and was slated to be released in conjunction with this year’s festival with a vinyl soundtrack to be released on Record Store Day 2020. However, since the festival was postponed until October due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the doc will now be made available today on Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast.

Check out a trailer for the film above, and its poster below. If you’re a music lover who is quarantining and stuck inside, this would be a welcome distraction and a look back into the world of traveling. Check out the film here.

Record Safari