Arlo Parks Cancels A Few US Tour Dates For Mental Health Reasons: ‘I’m Not Okay’

Arlo Parks started her North American tour earlier this month, but has canceled various dates to take care of her mental health. Originally scheduled to play shows in Milwaukee, Denver, and Minneapolis, with opening acts Puma Blue and Del Water Gap, Parks posted to Instagram, informing fans of what was happening with the cancellation.

“I’ve been on the road and off for the last 18 months, filling every spare second in between and working myself to the bone. It was exciting and I was eager to grind and show everyone what I was capable of, how grateful I was to be where I am today,” Parks wrote. “The people around me started to get worried but I was anxious to deliver and afraid to disappoint my fans and myself.”

She continued, “I pushed myself unhealthily, further and harder than I should’ve. I find myself now in a very dark place, exhausted and dangerously low — it’s painful to admit that my mental health has deteriorated to a debilitating place, that I’m not okay, that I’m a human being with limits.”

Parks, who released her debut album Collapsed In Sunbeams in 2021, is still scheduled to resume her tour at Portland’s Crystal Ballroom on September 26. She has also added two new October shows in Dallas and Houston. Refunds are being offered for the three canceled shows.

Read Parks’ full Instagram post above.